Sustainable wellbeing through safe medicines and medicinal products, combined with effective service

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In January 2020, we initiated strategy work aimed at updating the direction of our agency, selecting operational priorities for the coming years and, as a result, safeguarding our ability to operate in a constantly changing operating environment. The aim of the upgraded strategy was also to increase understanding of Fimea’s operations and role in the context of government agencies’ operations.

As soon as the work began, the global Covid-19 pandemic challenged us to act quickly and reform our operations on many unexpected fronts. Resources were allocated to the management of the crisis and creation of a situational picture, and to close cooperation with other authorities and operators in the pharmaceutical sector. The strategy work slowed down, but the work was brought to completion during the autumn.

Expertise is the foundation of our operations

As a starting point for the strategy update, both our personnel and our stakeholders were extensively consulted as to what Fimea should be like in 2025. The comments from the personnel put special emphasis on strengthening the diversity of expertise and reliable production of information as the backbone of Fimea. The feedback from the stakeholders emphasised the flexibility of operations, the speed of response and the development of customer service.

Many forces of change, such as digitalisation, global competition, availability problems, flood of information and disinformation, challenge our traditional role and our way of working. Our new strategy will therefore focus on development, with the aim of incorporating the customer service perspective, strongly highlighted by our stakeholders, as part of Fimea's operations as a licensing and supervisory authority. Service-oriented expertise, streamlined and enabling operating culture, and national and international effectiveness were chosen as the cornerstones of the strategy.

“Fimea’s basic mission will not change, only its strategic choices will focus on ensuring Fimea’s ability to fulfil its mission and meet the expectations of society and its stakeholders in the best possible way in the operating environment of the 2020s,” emphasises Fimea’s Director General Eija Pelkonen. “Our vision is to provide sustainable wellbeing through safe medicines and medicinal products, combined with effective service. In line with our values, our ambition is to be an impact-making forerunner and a reliable and service-oriented collaborator.”

Implementation calls for interaction

The most important part of the work, implementation, will begin at the beginning of 2021, which will make the strategy more specific and concrete. In future, the development measures and their timetable will be announced as part of our annual action plans. The strategy will be reviewed a couple of times a year and updated on a revolving basis.

Our strategic objectives:

Service-oriented expertise

  • We recognise our services and strengthen our processes.
  • We upgrade our service channels.
  • We strengthen the culture of service-oriented expertise and interaction with stakeholders.

Streamlined and enabling operating culture

  • We optimise our way of working to meet the needs of the future.
  • We define the principles of leadership.
  • We define objectives for the development of our personnel.

National and international effectiveness

  • We define objectives, policies and priorities for exerting influence nationally and internationally.
  • We are the primary source of medicinal information for the Finns.

Strategy (PDF)