Accessible to all

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According to the EU’s Accessibility Directive, public sector websites and any content presented on them were required to be in an accessible format as of 23 September 2019. Fimea seeks to guarantee the accessibility of each of its websites in accordance with the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

How have the accessibility requirements been fulfilled at Fimea?

Fimea has made a lot of effort to ensure accessibility. Fimea’s website and the materials published on it meet the accessibility requirements in part. The website and the materials published on it have been updated to an accessible format, and the FimeaWeb medicine search service was updated to an accessible format as part of the upgrade project. Fimea’s file templates have been made accessible, so all the files prepared in the future will be accessible. The personnel have also been trained in the preparation of accessible documents. 

The contents of the Sic! online magazine and the Medicines Education Portal have been updated to an accessible format. The contents of the online magazine meet the accessibility requirements in part: the figures, tables and graphs of the online articles have not been prepared in the html format, but instead accessible text equivalents have been prepared of them in the pdf format, or their content has been described in the text of the article. The Medicines Education Portal meets the requirements in part, except for the TroppiOppi game and certain language version files.

What else will be done in the future?

The files and forms on the web pages will be updated as part of future projects and other upgrades, for example. The user interface for submitting special permit applications will be made accessible as part of the electrification of the special permit process. Fimea’s e-service is also pending an upgrade in connection of which it will be made accessible.

All accessibility problems and shortcomings of the website are listed in the accessibility statement available on our website.